Claudio Conti

Introducing our master, Claudio Conti.

El maestro Claudio Conti en una posición baja de Silat


More Than 40 Years of Experience

How He Got Started

Claudio Conti began his career in the world of martial arts approaching for the first time at 13 with boxing. In the following years he became FIAM (Italian Martial Arts Federation) instructor of Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing and Shoot Boxing. Simultaneously he practices Chinese and Japanese arts such as Karate, Shotokan style and Go Ju Ryu style with sensei Sergio Maina, but also Shaolin Kung Fu with Sifu Chang Dsu Yao.

The Silat

His training is mainly based on the study of the ancient Indonesian South East Asian martial arts, such as the Cidepok Pencak Silat styles, the Citembak Silat of Bali, the Sri Murni, or Indonesian energy techniques and the Harimau style, the style of the Sumatran tiger.In 1997 he received a diploma as a 3rd level Specialized instructor from Pencak Silat (Satria Muda system) with master Maurizio Maltese (ISAM – FIAM)..


Travel to Indonesia


El maestro Claudio Conti entrenando en Indonesia


Travel to Indonesia


His martial arts research leads him to travel to Indonesia in order to specialize in the traditional styles of Jawa and Sumatra that together characterize the world of Pencak Silat.
In Jawa, thanks to the teachings of the Masters Gending Raspuzi and Cecep Arif Rahman, he specialized in traditional Sundanese styles such as Garis Paksi and Panglipur. After three years of training he received the Pencak Silat instructor diploma from Gending Raspuzi.
In 2016 in Sumatra the Master Syofyan Nadar gives him the diplomas for the Satria Muda and Harimau Singgalang styles for the Traditional Silat so our teacher Claudio Conti achieves the level of Pendekar Mudo Madya (Satria Muda Indonesia).

Other experience

Beyond The Silat

In the early nineties he began to study Jeet Kune do with master Maurizio Maltese direct student of Dan Inosanto, with whom he attended several seminars.
In 1998 he became the 3rd level instructor (ISAM-FIAM) of Kali Arnis Escrima.
In 1999 he completed his training as a 3rd level instructor of Close Combat (ISAM-FIAM).
In 2001 he began his studies with Sifu Paolo Cangelosi in the art of Kung Fu, earning diplomas in the styles of Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Tan Lang, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua and others.
Our Master does not stop there and in the following years he also obtains the black belt of Ju Jitsu, Jo Do, Aikido and Judo for the Japanese arts.


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