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New Online Courses

Train yourself with the new online courses by Claudio Conti.

Why I should buy this course?

Online martial arts lessons are an excellent method to learn breathing control, self-defense, tradition in a practical, comfortable and fast way.

Which courses we offer?

Silat Tao

A combination of Traditional Silat, Silat Energy and Silat Fighting, Studied by our master Claudio Conti through his journey in the martial arts.

Kali Impact

The study of Kali Arnis Escrima and Panantukan (Filipino boxing). In this course you will learn the Kali Impact method, a method full of energy and useful for self defense.

Real-Time Online Lessons

With the real-time online lessons you can train yourself online with Zoom software. Book your lesson in the form below and get ready for a real online lesson with our Master.

On-Demand Lesson

With the on-demand courses you can subscribe to our courses at cost of 35€/month for each art. If you buy both arts you will receive 22% discount and paid ONLY 55€/month for both Silat Tao and Kali Impact.

Book your Real-Time Lesson

By filling out the booking form below you can comfortably carry out your online lessons 1 to 1 with out Master Claudio Conti. Out Master will dedicate himself completely to you for an hour or more. We accept also group lessons where you will also learn thanks to the questions and answers.

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What do you need?

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Real-Time Lessons

How can I participate to a real-time lesson?

You need only a good and stable internet connection, a space to train and book your lesson in the form above.

How can I follow the real-time online lessons?

At the moment Silat Tao uses the Zoom software to carry out the lessons online, if you want for 1 to 1 private lessons you can also use WhatsApp .

How Much Cost Real-Time Lessons?

You can participate on a private lesson, couple lesson or group from 3 to 6 people.

Private Lesson: 30€/h.
Couple lesson: 25€/h each person.
Group lesson (from 3 to 6 people): 20€/h each person.

I can't participate in an extra lesson I booked, how do I do it?

You can cancel your reservation online, within 24 hours of its development by sending an email to or a message to +39 389 655 0938 by entering the subject “CANCELLATION LESSON” and in the body of the message your name, your mail, the day and time of booking. Remember that you can only do it within 24 hours of the lesson, otherwise the lesson will be a turning point and cannot be recovered.

On-Demand Courses

How can I subscribe?

Per iscriverti ai corsi online contattaci nel form qui sotto

How can I pay the subscription?

To pay your subscription contact us through the form above, send an e-mail to or pay directly via PayPal to specifying you address e-mail, the art that you want follow and your Vimeo Account username.

How do I create a vimeo account?

Go on and click on Join, after that you can register your account.

If you have already an account click on Log In and use your vimeo credential to enter in the website.

How much does the subscription cost?

The Subscription cost is 35€/month for each art.
If you buy both arts you will receive a 22% discount and paid only 55€/month for both arts.

Where can I view the on-demand courses?

You must have a Vimeo account. After the payment of your subscription you will be enabled to see the videos for the course you have chosen.

How work the on-demand courses?

After completing the subscription to our courses, your vimeo account will be enabled for our on-demand courses. The first week you will have a few videos available, every week new videos will be uploaded and you can continue your journey week by week.
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