Silat Fighting

Silat Fighting

What is Silat Fighting?

Silat Fighting is a training method based on the Beladiri, Arnis Escrima and Taoist psycho-energetic techniques. The training does not only include bare hand shots, but also weapon and weapon defense techniques. For example we can find the sticks, the Karambit, the Toya, the Golok and many others.

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What will you study in Silat Fighting?

Workouts include punch attacks, kicks, neck picks and more. At the beginning the attacks you perform will be programmed; later, as your skill progresses, the attacks will become more and more free in order to make it as realistic as possible, but with the necessary precautions.
Silat Fighting also includes an “internal practice”, a study focused on breathing and meditation.
Thanks to these trainings you will learn to connect POWER with ELASTICITY, STABILITY with DYNAMISM, SOFTNESS with HARDNESS and so on, to create dynamic, fluid and strong movements.

El maestro Claudio Conti entrenando con uno de sus alumnos, explicando una técnica
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Silat Fighting for Police & Military

Thanks to years of experience and deep knowledge of military self-defense and CLOSE COMBAT systems (KRAV MAGA), Master CLAUDIO CONTI has created a very useful training system for Police and Military.
Special methods are needed for police and military personal defense, and in this case the SILAT FIGHTING method was created join the power of various Indonesian and Philippines martial arts with combat systems like CLOSE COMBAT and KRAV MAGA.
Precisely the defense of the agents is the objective of this training. The focus of the training are the various disarmament techniques, use of Tonfa and Extensible Porra and the study of immobilization techniques.


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