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Silat tao offers instructor courses for Silat Defense and Traditional Silat, no matter whether you have experience or not.

El maestro Claudio Conti en una clase


Our Courses

Silat Tao Defense

The Silat Defense, of the Silat Tao style, is based on the principles of Silat Beladiri and Arnis Escrima. In this course you will acquire a capacity to respond to external shocks.

Silat Tao Traditional

This discipline combines the study of jurus of different traditional styles such as: Beladiri, Harimau Singgalang, Satria Muda and many others.

Our Master

Claudio Conti

Claudio Conti

Claudio Conti, born in Italy in Turin, has been studying martial arts since the age of 13, starting with boxing…


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