Silat Tao Traditional

The traditional Silat Tao reflects the principles of the Indonesian tradition.

Traditional silat tao

What is traditional Silat Tao?

The traditional Silat Tao, reflects the traditional studies of the Indonesian Silat, in particular analyzes the styles Beladiri, Harimau Singgalang, Satria Muda and the Bayan style. All these styles are brought to Europe by our master. Thanks to his studies in Indonesia with masters like Gending Raspuzi, Cecep Arif Rahman and Syofyan Nadar.

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What will you study in traditional Silat Tao?

The traditional Silat Tao includes the study of different jurus, or forms that prepare the technique, each jurus is studied and analyzed in detail so as to extrapolate the maximum martial interpretation from it.
In this course you will study the movements of the body, connected to breathing for a greater saving of energy and for a better approach to the technique.

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